The World Congress of Epidemiology (WCE) is held every 3 years by the International Association of Epidemiology (IEA) and attracts 800-1200 delegates involved in research and teaching of epidemiology.

The Australasian Epidemiological Association and the IEA aim to encourage the use of epidemiology in all fields of health, including social, community and preventative medicine. The four day world congress is a major event showcasing and supporting this aim.


The International Epidemiological Association (IEA) has more than 1000 members in over 100 countries who follow the aims of the association to facilitate communication amongst those engaged in research and teaching of epidemiology throughout the world, and to encourage its use in all fields of health including social, community and preventative medicine. These aims are achieved by holding scientific meetings and seminars, by publication of journals, reports, monographs, translations of books, by contact amongst members and by other activities consistent with these aims. Members are accepted without regard to race, religion, sex, political affiliation or country of origin.

The Australasian Epidemiological Association (AEA) is the local hosting organisation for the 2020 World Congress of Epidemiology. The AEA was officially founded in 1987 as the professional association in the Australasian region dedicated to excellence in epidemiological research, education, training and advocacy. The AEA objectives are to develop and promote the discipline of epidemiology in Australasia through:

  • Promoting excellence in epidemiological methods
  • Communication
  • Advocating for funding, capacity building and policy development
  • Strategic alliances with related organisations to maintain high standards of public health practice, teaching and research in Australia